Importing firearms

It is easy to bring in hunting firearms to Hungary if proper shipping conditions are given and all the documentation is done properly. Below we provide you with some helpful information, as well as an extract of the legislation related to this activity.

The application is valid only if signed and sealed by the authorized hunter’s representative or the hunting agency, hunting permits cannot be issued without these!
Charges for hunting licenses as of 1 March 2017:
- 30-day hunting license: 10 000 HUF - annual (365 days) hunting license: 100 000 HUF Hunting accident and liability insurance fees: - 1-5 months: 1 000 HUF every 30 days - 6-12 months: 6 000 HUF

For further information on the method of payment please enquire at the OMVK (Country Chamber of Hunters) County Territorial Organizations!
The hunter’s liability and accident insurance and the hunting permit are valid from the moment of release.
Deer Forest Residence acquires all permits and necessary documentation for its guests free of any additional charges, and we are fully available to our guests through the whole process.


Legal Requirements

Article 69
(1) Hunting is possible only in a manner not prohibited by law and only in accordance with the order of hunting.
(2) The legally appointed representative (permit holder) is responsible for keeping the order of hunting. The hunting authority is responsible for keeping the order of hunting in an official hunt.
(3) The hunter shall take part in hunting at his own risk, but is obliged to obey the rules laid down by the hunting officer.
(4) A person can participate in the hunt, either as an accompanying hunter or as a rider, at their own risk, only if they have been previously authorized by the permit holder and to whom the order of the hunting has been previously explained.
(6) Hunting may not be carried out under the influence of alcohol or other substances or drugs influencing hunting skills adversely, and by anybody who is otherwise not in a safe hunting condition.
(7) The person who is detected to have gone through a change in health condition or consciousness hindering the safe proceeding of the hunt, shall immediately be excluded from participating in the hunt.

Article 70
(1) Hunting may take the form of: a) individual hunting; (b) hunting with the participation of three or more hunters (hereinafter referred to as social hunting).
(2) The form of hunting of each wild game is set by the Minister in a decree.

Article 72
(1) A shotgun or hunting bow shall be released only if the hunter has unequivocally recognized the game and the shot does not endanger life, physical integrity of others and security of any property. Before the shot, the expected way of the bullet and the location of the impact must be measured.
(2) Of the search for injured or killed game on the adjacent hunting field the person having the rights must be notified. The person concerned may only refuse the search of the wounded or hunted game in exceptional and duly motivated cases.
(3) The Minister of Agriculture, in agreement with the Minister responsible for Nature Conservation, lays down detailed rules for the hunting order in a decree.


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