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Important aspects of hunting

Hunting months:

In the Kaszó hunting area, just like all over Hungary, our big game hunting season starts on 1st September and ends on 28/29th February. When choosing us, keep in mind that the hunting site offered by Kaszói Zrt. is one of the best big game areas in the country with countless high-prized trophies and numerous gorgeous gold medal trophies.
Therefore, if you choose us, you make a good decision and we guarantee that you will definitely partake in an exceptional experience

1. The hunting field and the animals are owned by Kaszó Zrt.
2. Deer Forest Residence is the hunting lodge for the most beautiful and complete recreation in the area.
3. All big games are available and can be hunted.
4. We have many years of hunting experience.
5. We have experienced co-hunters.
6. We offer a lot of alternative programmes and activities for non-hunting guests, family members.
7. Complete car services from the house.
8. Our local representative helps you in planning hunting and importing trophies.
9. Creating, documenting as well as transporting homemade trophies is possible.


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