Hunters’ Guide

A hunt represents challenges other than average holidays, thus requires some preparation. With this short description, we would like to make it easier for you to prepare and get all the equipment and documents you need at the start.

Equipment – Hints

(basic equipment for an 8-10-day hunting)

1. Light clothes for travel
2. Leisurewear, pyjamas (if needed)
3. Strong canvas shorts + trousers with multiple pockets for hunting and for the field (khaki or olive green)
4. Canvas T-shirt + long sleeve shirt for hunting and for the field (khaki or olive green)
5. Strong canvas hunting vest with multiple pockets, but preferably without pocket on the breast / shoulder. (khaki or olive green)
6. Warm sweater + lightweight, warm hunting jacket with multiple pockets for hunting in the morning.
7. Canvas cap or baseball cap
8. 3 cotton T-shirts, 3 changes of underwear, 4 pairs of cotton socks
9. Swimsuit

1. Lightweight lace-ups or sandals for travel
2. Comfortable trainers for leisure activities, trips
3. Middle-high lightweight boots or stronger trainers for hunting (NOT new!)
4. Beach slippers

Other personal belongings:
1. Sunglasses, Sun Cream (min. 10-12 UV factor), Lip balm stick (Labello, etc.)
2. Shaving-hygiene kit, needle, thread, tweezers for sewing and spike removing
3. Spare glasses or contact lenses, eye drops (if needed)
4. Personal medicines, etc. (in case of regular use), hunter’s first-aid kit, supplemented with a few fever reducers and pain relievers, sticky plasters, some iodine ampoules or Betadine.
5. Cigarettes for smokers (if you stick to your preferred brand) and spare lighter.
6. Paper tissues, sanitary pads or tampons for ladies
7. Medium or small size shoulder bag, preferably canvas. 2-3 packages of menthol candy (Halls, etc.) for thirst quenching.
8. Camera with min. 80-100 shooting (video camera with spare battery, charger, with 4 hours film).
9. Ball pen, small (pocket) notebook, card calendar, wristwatch, small alarm clock, small flashlight with spare battery.
10. Mobile phone (if needed; it works near populated places and major roads) with a charger.

Hunting equipment:
1. Reliable, well-calibrated repetition gun, fitted properly with good quality riflescope.
Recommended caliber: .30-06, .300 WinMag, 300 Weath.Mag., 7 mm RM, 8 x 68 S

Recommended ammunition:
an expansive (lead-head) ammunition of at least 10 g of firearms, 40 identical products and types.

Recommended target telescope:
1 – 6 x 42 (ideal: 3-9 x 42)
2 – Lockable hard weapon case for air transport.
3 – Lightweight telescope 10 x 40, 10 x 42 etc.
4 – Medium size knife with case, pocket knife (along with the ammunition in the BIG baggage

Papers, documents:
1. Passport stamped with a valid visa (if needed).
2. Flight ticket with accurate departure information.
3. Firearms license, Firearms record
4. Baggage tags with name, destination, contact (copy inside the package).
5. Address book (for sending postcards).

Packages, suitcases, travel bags:
1. Suitcase with hard cover (max. 20 kg total weight with the arms).
2. Travel bag as hand luggage (up to 60 x 40 x 40 cm – depends on the airline), preferably sports bag.
3. It is recommended to tag all the baggage, and include a copy inside them


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