Welcome to the Deer Forest Residence Hunting Lodge.

The love of hunting has been living in us since ancient times. For us, every hunter is different. We know that everyone has a different hunting style and has a favourite hunting method – we can totally adapt to this.

Our hunting programmes are designed to meet the individual needs of everyone. Through our experience and dedication, we offer our guests several hunting methods. The Deer Forest Residence hunting lodge offers a unique hunting experience for those who would enjoy “home comfort” during and after hunting.

It’s a real hunter-friendly and open-armed business. We are awaiting to share wonderful days at Deer Forest Residence Hunting Lodge as well as great hunting with you.

Hope to meet you soon!


HU 7564
Kaszó, Kaszópuszta
Kaszói út 24/2


Telefon1: +36309980998
Telefon2: +36309305744